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The world’s most expansive global IP service suite backed by a European IP attorney firm is here.

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Run instant quotes at any time with easy-to-use quoter tools. Enjoy accessing transparent costs at the click of a button.

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The portal is all-inclusive, which means you can fully manage a patent and trade mark portfolio in one place. Plus, the elegant yet powerful interface makes it easy to use.

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Annuities / Renewals

Depend on Murgitroyd Renewals for cost savings, risk reduction, and to simplify internal processes. In addition to being fully vetted, the Murgitroyd Agent Network is comparatively reviewed annually to ensure the most competitive rates in each jurisdiction. Your free Murgitroyd IP Portal account comes with the service. Here you can get instant quotes, custom reports, and pay and manage your renewals with ease. Plus, no contract is required, as we believe a trustworthy partner shouldn't require a contract.

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Adhering to quality standards and fast turnaround times, we offer a wide array of docketing and paralegal services. Our team will accurately and efficiently manage your IP matters through well documented, best-practice processes. We can provide full-time, part-time, or ad hoc staffing based on your current needs.

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EP Validations

We offer comprehensive coverage including direct validation in 15 countries via our own offices. Plus, we have negotiated rates with all other territories. Our streamlined service is unique to the market, combining the expertise of an established European IP attorney firm with the cost savings offered by more recently-established non-patent qualified firms who simply act as intermediaries.

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Global Filing

Your nationalizations will be overseen by a dedicated patent attorney or paralegal. And unlike many firms, we can use your provider OR our network, negotiating rates as needed, usually with volume discounts. Within the portal you can easily run real-time quotes and instruct in multiple countries.

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Our in-house search solution, designed and led by patent attorneys, employs a multi-step process and rigorous internal reviews. This ensures the most thorough search possible and exceeds the standards required for your IPR and opposition needs. We focus on delivering only the most relative search results and offer a 100% quality guarantee to ensure client satisfaction.

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We are one of the few firms in the world with a dedicated, in-house IP translation team. This ensures our work is not only of the highest quality but also technically accurate. Our translation team has
over 100 years of patent and IP-related translation experience. In addition to French, German and English, we provide translations in all main languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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  • Utilize an intelligently designed platform, purpose-built for sophisticated IP managers.
  • Access technology and service backed by an ISO accredited European IP firm.
  • Easily instruct hand-selected, top agents around the world.
  • Enjoy transparent costs with no hidden fees.
  • Connect with easy to reach, world-class client support.
  • Streamline your internal processes and focus your time on what matters most.
  • Trust your data with a partner focused on ethics and security.

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  • Trade Mark Filing
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A next generation platform developed by a legacy European IP attorney firm

Continually in development, Murgitroyd IP Portal competes with the best in the industry.

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Built exclusively for IP law firms, in-house counsel, and CIPOs, Murgitroyd provides one trusted solution to manage a company portfolio comprehensively. Partner with us to be connected to a responsive team, custom-built to fit your needs.








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Traded on the London stock exchange (MURL), Murgitroyd is one of the largest IP firms in Europe and offers the widest direct European IP coverage of any IP firm.

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